6-Figure Sponsorship Blueprint for Podcasters & Creators

Sachit Gupta | www.CreatorsMBA.com
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Get Premium Sponsors and Monetize Your Podcast

Are you curious about how to get sponsors for your podcast, or if you have sponsors already, how to charge more beyond standard CPMs?

The 6-Figure Sponsorship Blueprint is a crash course in podcast sponsorships that shows you how you can get premium sponsors without having a huge audience or feeling like you're selling out.

Brands are increasingly spending money to sponsor podcasters and creators. Podcast advertising revenue is expected to pass $1 billion by 2021 while influencer spend is expected to grow to $13.8 billion. In this course, you’ll learn the mindsets, frameworks, and skills so you can partner with these brands.

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"PSA for podcasters: Learn everything you can from Sachit. His advice on seeking and getting sponsorships is spot on."

— Kintan Brahmbhatt

"There are few people I know with more expertise on podcasting than Sachit. So much gold in this for podcasters and creators. It’s going to be so helpful to so many creators who want to level up, love it!"

— Dave Nemetz

Here’s What You’ll Learn

We’ll go in-depth on the following concepts →

🔍 The 3M Method: How to fine-tune your niche and build your positioning so you understand your audience better than they know themselves

🛣️ How to find your sponsorship revenue roadmap and chart a path to 6-figures/year

⚙️ How to find ideal sponsors and understand what they’re looking for to build your sponsor pipeline

💰 Master the 3Cs (curiosity, care and connection) so you can sell without feeling salesy

🙌 How to find the right decision-makers and evaluate if a brand is a good fit for your audience

💲 How to price and what to offer sponsors so you can move beyond traditional CPMs

🏆 How to do the sales calls and get results for sponsors so they keep coming back

📚 How to pre-sell sponsorships before you even have your show live for upto $500 CPM (... this one blew my mind)

🤝 Getting, closing and keeping sponsors: the step-by-step strategy I used to 10X a clients sponsorship revenue over 5 years

🚀 How to manage renewals and and put all of this into action with specific templates responsible for millions in ad sales

🧠 The common mindsets and habits that separates the good from the greats

Here's What You Get:

The 6-Figure Sponsorship Blueprint gives you everything you need to get premium sponsors:

🎥 Premium Video Content

Comprehensive video training with step-by-step instructions and bonus interviews.

📓 Worksheets and Templates

Guided worksheets so you can implement what you’re learning right away.

Meet Your Instructor: Sachit Gupta

Hi, I’m Sachit. I’m passionate about helping podcasters & creators make a living through their art. Over 10+ years, I’ve helped 100+ creators generate millions in revenue + subscribers.

I'm the founder of Platforms Media, where I've worked with clients like Rohit Sharma (Indian cricket team and Restless Action Drink), Tim Ferriss (author and podcaster) and Seth Godins' altMBA (leadership program) to grow and scale their audience.

I’ve also helped 30+ brands including Toptal, HostGator and ActiveCampaign create millions of dollars worth of win-win partnerships with podcasters and creators.

Most recently, I built and ran the first and only cohort of the On Deck Podcaster Fellowship. I’m also the host of the Conscious Creators Show where I share everything I've learned to creators worldwide.

Our Guarantee

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A step-by-step guide on identifying, finding, closing and keeping sponsors for your podcast in 2022, while charging way more than the $25 standard CPM, from someone who has created millions of dollars in sponsorships consistently and predictably.


6-Figure Sponsorship Blueprint for Podcasters & Creators

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I want this!